Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Indian dishes are highly preferred by vegetarians and healthy eaters out there because of its high nutritious ingredients and the way it is cooked. Today I am here presenting the top 10 indian vegetarian dishes and delicious recipes that you can’t say no to. These recipes are chosen from all around India and present the biggest ratio of Indian cuisine. From Malai Kofta to Dosa and Dhokla, these dishes are going to get your mouth flooded as soon as you catch a glimpse of them.


pavv bhaji

Pav bhaji is a dish first originated in Mumbai in 1850s. It consists of a curry made up of thick vegetables, often steamed served with a loaf of soft bread. Butter on the top enhances the taste and the health. It includes many variations that include the addition of different flavors or vegetables according to the taste buds of the consumer. This is served in expensive restaurants and on streets too. Pav bhaji is a perfect dish for those looking for a tummy filling recipe with great taste and health combined.


choley bhature

Chole bhature is a north Indian dish generated from Punjab. This dish contains spicy chana masala (spicy white chickpeas) and bhature (a fried all-purpose flour bread). This is often eaten in breakfast with lassi. This dish can be accompanied with different kinds of pickles, chutneys, lemon juice and raw chopped onions. This dish is also served in restaurants and on street stalls all across India. Nothing beats it’s spicy and ‘masaladar’ taste. It is a perfect combination that fills the tummy but is never enough for the heart.


palak paneer

Palak paneer is one of the healthiest dishes in Indian cuisine. It originates from Indian subcontinent but is available in the world’s most popular countries with the name “green paneer”. It is a thick Spinach paste with cottage cheese cubes in it Seasoned with spices, ginger, garlic, green onions and tarka of cumin seeds. This dish is also served as a soup in winters with a thinner consistency. you can have it with tandoori roti, garlic naan or zeera rice, it proves out to have an amazing taste with all three.


malai kofta

Koftas are very popular throughout the world made with different ingredients (mostly meat and beef) in countries like Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey etc. but the ones im sharing with you are made with vegetables and are healthy and delicious. These are known as the “replacement of meatballs”. The koftas are made up of steamed vegetables, cottage cheese, heavy cream and spices combined together (dry fruit such as raisins an cashews are added filled in the middle of the balls but this is totally optional), and are fried. Later these koftas are served in a well-seasoned gravy with the topping of MALAI (heavy cream). This dish is one of the tastiest and mind blowing dishes. Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes


Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Methi aloo is a dish that contains health more than taste. It contains steamed methi cooked with aloo and other spices. It had a bitter taste but is liked by the taste buds as the potatoes blend good with it. It is often served with roti and is eaten in breakfast. Its unlimited benefits provoke consumers to have it with all their heart and the taste is not negligible either.

  1. DOSA

Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Dosas were originated from south india and sri lanka, but now is popular all over India. This is a mind blasting dish consists of cooked flat thin layered rice batter. These are stuffed with a potato batter that often has onion, green chilli and other spices combined and is served hot with coconut chatni and sambar. The stuffing can also contain idli combined in it. This dish is perfect for choosy people contains great taste and matches along any meal of the day.


kandha poha

Kanda poha is an Indian dish also known as onion poha. This dish is especially for those who are on diet or are fitness freaks. It is mostly had in breakfast or supper. This dish consists of onions, poha, and vegetables (you can include any vegetables that you like i.e carrots, peas etc). pohas are really healthy and are often eaten with sev and ketchup as a tea time snack too. Its taste can be further enhanced by adding palak to it.


rajma chawal

Rajma chawal is an Indian originated dish that consists of red kidney beans (full of nutrients) in a thick tomato onion gravy, with Indian whole spices and ‘masalas’. It is served with all kind of rice, especially plain. Rajma is high in proteins and great in taste. It is used as a regular diet in notherern India and Nepal. This dish is perfect for the ones struggling to lose weight. Rajma curry on itself is a great tasty dish. It is also served hot as a soup in winters with thin consistency.



Dhokla originates from the state of gujrat. It is made from a batter derived from white rice flour and chickpea flour and similar to khaman that is purely made from chickpea flour and is yellowish in color. It can be served in breakfast, as a side dish, main course or as a tea time snack. The spongy texture and the mustard seed tadka makes its taste a lot better. It can be served with different kinds of chatnies and sauses.

Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes


Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Chilli paneer is an Indian dish that contains a lot of spices and is one of the tastiest meals. This can be made in two ways, with gravy or without gravy (dry). You can also include tangy or chilli sauces too and can dress it as a Chinese dish. It can be served with chapatti or rice. This is perfect as a main course. This includes slightly cooked veggies like tomatoes, onions, green pepper, green onions (you can add vegetables according to your taste), and cottage cheese, slithered in indian spices and tomato spiced puree.

These are the top 10 Indian vegetarian dishes that your taste buds won’t ever forget. With the perfect glitter of spices and a mix of health, these dishes will make your life magically tasteful as it is well said by a writer “the tummy leads to the heart” so get ready for a blissful journey of food. Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dishes

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