spicy raw mango

Spicy Raw Mango | Yummy Recipe

Raw mango is summer’s specialty. Mostly people make different kinds of chatnies from it but today I am presenting an unique recipe which is called spicy raw mango.

Raw mango is good for health and is used in many kind of smoothies and juices.

This is another sindhi recipe, which can be used in the replacement of achaar also. It is way better than achaar as doesn’t contain so much of oil and vinegar and is way healthier. You can find other sindhi cuisine here.

This can be prepared in a very less time with just few drops of oil. It can be eaten with any kind of subji and can be used as a side dish also.

Here is the recipe of spicy raw mango. you can watch my videos recipes here.

Chef name                               jyoti
Course                                    side dish
Cooking time                          10 min
Prep time                                5 to 10 min


Raw mango
Salt as per taste
Red powder
Coriander seeds powder
Cooking oil

Step wise method

• First wash the raw mangoes and peel them. Cut them in strips shape or cube shape.
• Than take a frying pan. Pour few drops of oil. Add raw mangoes. Cover the lid. Cook it on low flame around 10 min.
• Check it, if it seems to soften sprinkle dry ingredients. Give it a quick stir so it mixes well.
• Yummy spicy raw mango is ready to serve. Have it with any mean meal


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