seyal phulka

Seyal Phulka | Chutney Stuffed Paratha

An instant and quick recipe. A perfect breakfast option CHUTNEY STUFFED PARATHA. Sindhi people call it SEYAL PHULKA. We just need few ingredients for this yummy recipe. We can make this recipe in a different way too but i like this one as its too easy & consumes less time.

If you don’t have any vegetable available in your fridge don’t worry today i am giving you such a marvellous recipe which you cant deny to have without licking your fingers

Easy to make, even if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time for cooking try this recipe you will get surprised by how easy and quick this recipe is. Kids also cant deny to have it as some fussy eaters avoid to take veggies so give it a try.


Wheat flour
Green coriander leaves chutney
Cooking oil

Step wise method

• First knead a dough with the help of water. Don’t add salt.
• Pour a few drops of oil on dough and keep it aside for 5 to 10 min
• Now take little amount of dough, roll it and make a chapatti on tawa.
• Take out this chapatti from tawa. Keep it aside.
• Fill chutney in the half of chapatti and fold it. Then fill another half.
• In a frying pan heat up few drops of oil and make this chutney Stuffed paratha.

Watch this recipe on my YouTube channel so you will get the proper instructions of making this spicy and delicious chutney Stuffed paratha

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