okra curry

one of the most delicious and easy recipes of OKRA CURRY OR BHINDI TOMATO SUBJI. My another less oil recipe which has no onion and no garlic.

Okra is one of the most popular vegetables, which is presented in many forms. Today, I’ve brought an aromatic sensational dish named OKRA CURRY.

You must be thinking about onions and garlic but no, today’s recipe is uniquely made with tomatoes only! This recipe is especially for those who prefer less oil and fewer ingredients with no mess recipes. As promised, I present you another mind blowing, just to your instant wish, Okra cooked in tomato, aka OKRA CURRY.

Garlic and onions are a big no in my family, and I have always tried dishes in a different style. Onion Okra curry proves to be a delicious recipe but as already mentioned, onion is not my dish type. I tried this recipe when I wasn’t able to decide what to give my children in lunch and didn’t want to feed them any fried food. I cooked this and my children were absolutely in love with this.

My youngest one is such a big Okra lover that she can have okras in every meal of the day. She likes okra way too much and this form is her favorite amongst all. It is very normal for my children to demand me to make new and tasty dishes for them in regular meals, and this is the most frequent dish in our regular menu chart.


Okra/ bhindi/ lady fingers
2 finely chopped tomatoes
Salt as per taste
Ginger paste half teaspoon
Cooking oil
Green chilli 1 or 2
Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon
Dried coriander seeds powder half teaspoon
Fresh coriander leaves for garnishing

Step wise method of okra curry

• Rinse and drain okra properly. Then cut both edges and cut it in small round pieces
• In a frying pan pour 1 tbsp of oil add ginger paste, stir it for a while then put okra in it and cover the lid. Cook it for around 15 min on medium flame.
• Add dry masalas in it and cook it for more 5 minutes and turn off the flame.
• In another pan, brush some oil and add chopped tomatoes. cook them until the tomatoes get soft. Add little salt and red chilli powder in it.
• Add cooked tomatoes in okra, mix well. Now Cook them together for at least 5 to 10 minutes
• Delicious okra curry is ready to serve.


• Roti, rice, naan, chapatti.

okra curry


  • You must drain the okra properly otherwise it will get sticky
  • After 10 min of low flame increase the flame on medium anyhow
  • When you mix tomato and cooked okra do it with steady hand

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