aloo cheese paratha

Aloo Cheese paratha Recipe

we will see here that how to make aloo cheese paratha. cheese is good for our bones as its rich in calcium and protein. cheese contain vitamin B12 and give a positive effect on our dental health. including cheese in our diet give us taste, health and other benefits. so so here is a yummy and easy recipe of potato cheese paratha.

which is healthy and hygienic. A perfect breakfast option and a lunch box idea. mostly people want to eat outside but when you try this recipe you will surely forget about restaurant breakfast. so here are the ingredients.

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For potatoes and cheese batter

  • Boiled potatoes 3 to 5
    cubes cheese 2 to 3
    black pepper, a pinch of
    red chilli powder, 1/4 teaspoon
    roasted cumin seeds, 1/4 teaspoon
    salt, as per taste
    cooking oil,

For dough

1 cup wheat flour
water , as per requirement
cooking oil, 1 tablespoon

method of Aloo Cheese paratha

first boil potatoes. let them cool. peel them. now add all ingredients including cheese. keep it in side.
now for dough take s bowl. put wheat flour in it. add water slowly. knead it gradually.

steps to make paratha

1) take a small ball of dough
2) roll it a bit
3) spread potatoes batter
4) fold it
5) roll it again
6) put it on tawa
7) bursh oil on all over the paratha
8)turn the side
9) make sure to cook both sides on medium flame
10) serve it with homemade yogurt or any kind of chatni

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