Lotus Root and Bhey

Lotus Root Or Bhey Curry | Kamal kakdi

Lotus Root or bhey is a famous vegetable in interior Sindh. We can make it with potato or peas too. Its rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Here is the less ingredients recipe of lotus root or bhey. we call it kamal kakdi too.

you can see lauki ki subzi’s recipe here

Chef name                                  jyoti
Prep time                                   10 min
Cook time                                   20 min
Cuisine                                      sindhi cuisine


2 bhey or lotus root mud scraped and cleaned
2 tomatoes
1 chopped green chili
¼ teaspoon Turmeric powder
cumin seeds half teaspoon
¼ teaspoon Red chili powder
Salt as per taste
1 tablespoon cooking oil, you can use more oil but I always prefer less oil in my recipes
¼ teaspoon roasted cumin seeds
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Half class water

Step wise method of bhey or lotus root

First boil the lotus root. I boiled them in a cooker around 8 to 10 whistles.
1. In a saucepan pour oil. Heat up the oil
2. Then add lotus root in it.
3. Stir it for a while
4. Then add tomatoes. Cover the lid for 5 to 8 minutes or until tomatoes turns into gravy.
5. After 5 min add all above ingredients one by one. cook it on low flame.
6. Now mix water and cook it until a nice aroma comes out.
7. Take it out in a bowl.
8. Now garnish coriander leaves
Yummy  lotus root is ready to serve. Have it with rice or chapatti
• Everyone has different taste so you can use dry ingredients up to your taste. Some people prefer less oil and  less spices like me.
• If you like more gravy so add more tomatoes.
• When you boil the bhey in cooker add a pinch of salt, few drops of oil and a pinch of red chilli powder. Boil them on medium flame.



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