kashmiri chutney

Kashmiri Chutney | Healthy recipe | Walnut Chutney

You all definitely know about different kinds of chutnies like coriander leaves chutney, raw mango chutney, podina chutney etc. Today I am sharing a unique, delicious, different and special chatni which is called KASHMIRI CHUTNEY

From my trip to Azaad Kashmir, i learnt many things including their way of living, dressing and eating. One of their most delicious recipes included Kashmiri chutney. Its healthy too as its main ingredient is WALNUT.

I learnt this recipe from a Kashmiri family. That was a great experience which i shared on my YouTube channel.
So here you go for this yummiest recipe which you can’t replace with any other thing.


5 to 6 walnuts
Chopped coriander leaves ( half small bowl )
Chopped podina/mint leaves
Green chilli 1 or 2 ( as per your taste )
1 onion finely chopped
2 garlic cloves ( optional )
Homemade yogurt or butter milk
Salt as per taste
Red chilli (if needed)

Step wise method

• Peel the walnuts.
• Wash and chopped all above ingredients properly and grind them in a grinder
• Grind till it gets a smooth paste
• Have this extraordinary yummy Kashmiri chutney with your meals.

Few important points

1. If home made yogurt or butter milk is not available at home so you can use preserved yogurt also.
2. Don’t use excess amount of butter milk or else it will lose its consistency.
3. Don’t use LESS amount of buttermilk or yogurt either or else it will get extra thick.
4. Its better to use buttermilk than yogurt because it maintains the texture and helps in easy grinding.
5. This recipe is better when its spicier but you can use chillies accordingly.

Kashmir is a place full of beauty. Every single thing is filled with health and nature. And same goes for the food available here. I will catch up with more Kashmiri recipes soon. Try this recipe at home and share your views and experiences with me.

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