karele ki subji

Karele Ki Subji | Bitter Gourd Curry

Today’s recipe is not your traditional everyday’s sabji, it includes an ingredient that people hesitate to use, due to its strong flavor however those who have tried it simply cannot get enough of it. Today i present you the one and only KARELE KI SUBJI

Bitter guard has lot of health benefits. It’s high in insulin and that proves it beneficial for diabetic patients, People use its juice for multiple purposes like skin care, purifying blood, and to improve immune system but just because of the bitterness some people avoid including them in their meal but it’s a very healthy option. If you try this bitter guard curry/Karele ki sabji by JYOTI FOOD RECIPES, you won’t regret.

This recipe has no onion, no garlic; it’s a main course too. Not so long had it been, my children used to cringe just to the name of Karelas. I kept telling them how beneficial it is to their health but not to my wonder they never obeyed me and argued over this dish since forever. They used to have this illusion in their minds that karelas taste bad and bitter, little to their knowledge it was that they were missing out this mind shattering dish for years.

Around few months back, I prepared this dish and asked my children to taste this just for once. They couldn’t recognize the vegetable and loved its taste. When I told them about the dish being Karelas, they were shocked and astonished! Believe me; Karelas are included in our weekly menu now.

I prefer serving this karele ki subji to my children after a hectic day, since it instantly energizes them.Even though people often avoid karela due to its bitter taste, the key is to find balance using ingredients that compliment it, once you have mastered the ratio of bitterness. You can easily include it in your everyday menu.

Here I show you the magical recipe of karelas that will blow your mind with its taste;


Bitter gourd ( karela ) half  kg

Finely chopped tomatoes 1 small bowl

one finely chopped green chilli

salt as per taste ( in this recipe use less salt )

refined oil

two small cups of water

red chilli powder as per requirement

dried coriander seeds powder one teaspoon

stepwise method

karele ki subji

  • First rinse karelas well then peel them. Cut them in roundpieces. Nowadd salt and mix them. Leave them for one hour. Then wash them well.
  • In a karahi or non-stick frying pan, pour refined oil. Deep fry the karelas then pressure-cook them for around 5 whistles.
  • Now in another pan pour a few drops of oil, add tomatoes, chopped green chilli. Mix them and cover the lid. Cook until the tomatoes soften up.
  • After 10 min check the consistency, if it’s too thick, add 1 small cup of water.
  • Now add boiled karela in that tomato gravy. Add dry ingredients( a pinch of salt, red chili powder, dried coriander seeds powder)
  • Add 1 small cup of water and cook it for 5 more minutes.
  • Delicious bitter gourd/ karela is ready to serve.
  • Have it with chapatti, naan or roti.

Some important points,

  • You can freeze bitter gourd/ karela too. Just wash them, peel and add salt and freeze it. The karelas can be used upto a month.
  • In this curry / subji use less salt because we added salt in starting to reduce the bitterness.







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