homemade naan

I love to eat naan. I always order naan from outside when i make lauki ki subzi, aloo bhujia, bitter gourd curry, or any other curry which tastes good with naan. Once i watched a forwarded video on my whatsapp, where they knead the naan’s dough with their feet. I was literally shocked and decided not to order naan again from outside

So here is homemade naan recipe without yeast and without oven. I must say this recipe is perfect for those people who seriously want to feed hygienic food to their loved ones.

Try this recipe and share it with others too as SHARING IS CARING.

THIS MEASUREMENT IS FOR 2 NAAN if you want to make more so increase the amount of ingredients according to the numbers of naan.


1 cup maida
2 tablespoon curd/ dahi
Half teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoon cooking oil
Salt as per taste

Step wise method of making homemade naan

• First we have to knead a dough for this take a bowl add maida, dahi, sugar, salt, baking powder, cooking oil. Now add water and knead a smooth dough. Spread oil all over the dough, cover it and keep it aside for 30 min.
• After 30 min dough will be ready.
• Now heat up a tawa. Take out some amount of the dough and roll it like a round shaped naan.
• Now spread water on the naan and put it on tawa.
• When you see bubbles on upper side of naan then flip the tawa and cook another side.
• Cook both sides well


Now stop order naan from outside. Make it at home. Do follow this recipe with accurate measurements.

Let me share my experience with you. When i served this homemade naan to my husband he denied to have it as he doesn’t like food from stalls or dhabbas. He was not believing me when i told that i made it. It was a little mess on my dinning table but when i showed him whole process and served him again he appreciated my efforts.

So must try this recipe and if you are looking for some more recipes of curry/ subzi so jyoti food recipes is the best platform for you .



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