homemade cottage cheese


An easy and hygienic recipe of homemade cottage cheese or paneer. Paneer is high in calcium. For vegetarians , I highly recommend paneer in their diet as it’s a source of protein.

Once I went to a restaurant and ordered paneer shashlik. It was yummy. My kids and other family members really liked the taste.

After few days my younger daughter demanded me to make same paneer shashlik which we had on that day. So I decided to make paneer at home. As I always prefer homemade food rather then outside one because homemade food is more hygienic, more tasty and more delicious.

One more benefit of homemade food is we can adjust the spices and oil. For more recipes easy recipes click here

Here in this recipe I am sharing my way of making paneer. You can watch the video too in the end of this post.

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Chef                                         jyoti
Prep time                               5 min
Cook time                              20 min


We can make a lot of dishes from paneer. Like paneer pakora, Malai paneer, butter paneer, paneer shashlik etc.


1 litter milk
Half kg yogurt ( dahi )
Pinch of salt
Vinegar optional

  1. Method

• First boil the milk on medium flame.
• When it starts bubbling add yogurt and salt. Stir it continuously. After few minutes you will see that paneer leaves water after that strain it on the paneer mold.
• Leave it for 10 min
• Cut in to pieces and use it in any dish

Remember few points

• you can add 1 teaspoon of vinegar for softer result. Don’t put in too much of vinegar or yogurt else your paneer will prove out to be excessively soft.
• Don’t through away whey as it has a lot of nutrients. Use it for kneading dough or making rice.

you can find video recipe here


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