dal paratha

Dal paratha is one of my personal favorite recipes. I can have it in any meal. It is full of nutrients and contains less oil. I recommend this to those on a weight loss journey. Despite less oil and healthy ingredients it has a mind blowing taste! You can add in veggies for extra fulfillment or extra taste and can add seasonings such as oregano or dried parsley but since I prefer plain and simple, I went for the usual ingredients.

Dal paratha is a combo of a blast of taste, health and satisfaction. Dal paratha can replace anything, but none can take its place. As a chef I’ve realized that dal paratha can blend in perfectly with anything at all! You can have it with any curry/subji, any kind of chutney, any fried dish literally anything!

it is easy to make and consumes really less time. It is a perfect for those who face problems in making parathas and rolls. This is also an amazing option for the fussy eaters out there. I used leftover dal because throwing food away feels like a very difficult thing to me. wasting any food makes me feel bad and so i decided to utilize it this way. you can use boiled dal as well, but it gets tastier if the dal is already cooked.

If you are searching ideas for kids lunch boxes. Don’t worry, you are at the right place. you can find a lot of paratha recipes on jyoti food recipes. it is a perfect option for the time when you’re out of the stock of vegetables and your family wants to have a proper tasteful meal.


Leftover dal 1 bowl
Wheat flour half bowl
Salt as per taste
Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon
Finely chopped Green chilli 1 tablespoon
Fresh coriander leaves
Roasted cumin seeds half teaspoon
Cooking oil

Step wise method of dal paratha

• I had some leftover dal in my fridge and i dont want to use it as it is, so tried this recipe and it proved out to be very tasty.
• In a pan, pour leftover dal, give it a good stir around for 10 min so dal reduces the amount of waher. Its consistency should be little thick.
• Now in a bowl take dal, wheat flour and all above ingredients one by one. Knead a dough.
• Don’t add water. Dal still has water in it. First, knead dough without water.
• Now heat up a tawa, take a small portion of kneaded dough, roll the paratha. Put it on tawa.
• Brush the oil on the paratha. Cook both sides until it changes the colour.
• Yummy and delicious dal paratha is ready to serve

please adjust spices according to your taste. Simply you can increase or decrease the amount of mentioned above ingredients.


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