daal mash

Daal Mash is one of my favourite types of daal dishes. Considering this recipe, it is exactly how it is made in restaurants and dhabas.

Some time back, i clearly remember how my hubby was praising a dhabba just for its daal. And somewhere in my heart i kept thinking that what does MY RECIPE lack and why doesnt my hubby praise my dish with such intensity.

After hundreds of tries i finally made this dish which is way more hygienic and healthier than any dhabba or restaurant. And after so much of struggle i finally achieved what i was craving for.
A bunch of compliments and praises!

So dont forget to try this recipe with the accurate measurements so you too can have your family drooling over your cooking skills.


Daal mash 2 cup
2 small sized tomatoes
1 medium sized onion
Red chilli powder ¼ teaspoon
1 cup dahi/ yogurt
2 tablespoon grated ginger
Cooking oil as per requirement
Green chilli 2 to 3
Fresh coriander leaves for garnishing
Water 1 glass

Step wise method of daal mash

  • Clean and Rinse the daal carefully. Soak it for 1 hour.
  • Keep it aside
  • Heat up the non stick frying pan or karahi. Pour cooking oil, add onion give it a good stir then add ginger paste.
  • Stir it continuously other wise it will stick on pan’s surface.
  • Now add chopped tomatoes. Cover the lid for 10 min or until tomatoes melts so this mixture looks like a gravy.
  • After 10 min remove the lid, stir it for a while. decrease the flame.
  • on the other side boil the daal in a pressure cooker. While boiling the daal add turmeric, salt, red chilli powder and few drops of oil. Pressure cook it for only 1 whistle. Wait till cooker releases its whistle.
  • Open the pressure cooker. Drain the daal, dont through the water away.
  • Now add daal in the gravy. Add chopped green chilli, dahi / yogurt, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, roasted cumin seeds. Mix them well.
  • Add water and cook it for more 5 to 10 min. When you see the oil left the daal. Turn off the flame. Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves
  • Dhaba style daal mash is ready to serve.
  • have it with homemade naan.

    Things you should remember while making this dhaba style daal mash

    • • Don’t add a lot of water while boiling the daal. And dont through the daals water as it has a lot of nutrients.
      • Dont over boil the daal otherwise it will mash while bhunify.
      • When you pressure cook the daal must add salt, red chilli powder and few drops of oil.

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Dhaba style daal mash


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