chana chaat

Chana Chaat | Chola Papri Chat | Easy Recipe

Today i am sharing an easy and healthy recipe of CHANA CHAAT. I like street food specially chat and burgers but due to health consciousness i avoid to eat outside. An evening snack and a quick dish for unexpected guests. Usually i boil chickpeas and freeze them as i like chickpeas in salads too.

kids also like this yummy chana chaat’s taste. if you are trying to stop your kids from junk food, give them this chat and believe me they will ask more and more. Even they will forget about the junk.

We can make a lot of recipes from chickpeas like aloo chola pulao, different kinds of salad, fruit chat, biryani, chola samosa chaat, chola curry etc. Chickpeas enhances any subji and adds taste.Once i started dieting as i gained few extra kgs so i looked out for low calories diet food for myself and chickpeas were amongst them.

Chickpeas is also a tummy filling and a perfect ingredient for recipes people use as a diet. It contains protein and other vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas is a perfect option for vegetarians or vegans. some people grind chickpeas into flour, add veggies & make chillas as a diet food.


• Boiled chickpeas / chana half kg
• Boiled potatoes 2 to 3
• Chopped tomatoes 1 bowl
• Chopped onion 1 small bowl
• Green chilli as per taste
• Amli ki chatni as per taste
• Salt as per taste
• Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon
• Papdi 1 or 2.
chat masala half teaspoon


• Take a bowl. Add boiled chickpeas, potatoes, salt, red chilli powder, amli ki chatni, green chilli one by one.
• Now in last add papdi. Mix well.
• Yummy chana chaat is ready to serve

Remember few points

• Don’t add papri so early otherwise it will crumble.
• You can add green coriander leaves chutney to enhance the spicy flavor of the chat.

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